So, I've been super busy with work things and I don't see that changing any time soon.

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> Joined the company late last year, with no previous expertise on Clojure(Script) development, but he got up to speed really fast, contributing to the team in short amount of time and has become a trusted and valuable member of his team.

This was in the employee review that was done today. WHO'S THE MAN? ME! I AM. TOTALLY A HUMAN MAN.

Good ol' Monday. Every server we have at work is down yet again.

Update 3 of MDash is now out! Highlights include:

- It's now officially a Progressive Web App, so go on and add it to your homescreen
- Prettier than ever


So I just finished the story mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and apparently the story will continue into the next game. HELL YEA

So, after the last Windows update, I can no longer lower my screen brightness from 100%. Not sure if feature or bug.

Working on the marketing site for MDash as with the upcoming update I'll be removing the "alpha" warning and claim it pretty damn usable.

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Also: I hooked up my buddy with a new site. Go check it out:

Disclaimer: I did not make the theme, nor did I port it to Grav. I just fixed some stuff left and right and added a little custom coding hot sauce.

On accident deleted my entire user directory at work, and lost half the day trying to recover it .. but, ultimately failing. 😑

It's mind boggling how even just an hour of more sleep can make you more productive, energetic and be generally in a better mood.

The eventual goal of MDash is to be both a website/web service as well as a progressive web app. I'm already slowly laying the groundwork, but given my own roadmap and the requirements of a PWA, that's probably going to get full realization some time near summer.

MDash Update 2 is freshly out of the oven:


- Google Cloud SQL
- New content editor
- Blog redesign

I wish I could compose my federated timeline of manually picked instance's public timelines. That would be a killer feature.

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Ngrok is amazing for cross-device testing.

All the dev servers are down at work. Thank you, Monday.

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