@bvdbasch hey man! All good, busy with life is all.

So, I've been super busy with work things and I don't see that changing any time soon.

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Which, if you want full support (go to definition, auto-complete, repl) is basically IntelliJ/Cursive or Emacs. Correct me if I'm wrong.

@bvdbasch It was a big topic on HN the other day because Bootstrap is removing it. But imo, it weighs less than Vue, a tiny tiny bit more than react, so "its bloated" is complete BS and honestly I don't see a reason to hate it. It serves a valuable purpose, is a mature library. Problem is if script kiddies think that knowing jQuery is the same as knowing JavaScript.

@bvdbasch Yea man! I don't like unfounded compliments, but getting something like this from the technical lead after working my ass off is a amazing.

@jackbaty have meeting with remote people every day, at which point this would become a hassle.

> Joined the company late last year, with no previous expertise on Clojure(Script) development, but he got up to speed really fast, contributing to the team in short amount of time and has become a trusted and valuable member of his team.

This was in the employee review that was done today. WHO'S THE MAN? ME! I AM. TOTALLY A HUMAN MAN.

@jackbaty As such I think the only way so much information can be harmful is if a person doesn't have their own foundation to compare bits and pieces of information to, to make sense of it, and just apply it at random without any filtering.

For example, I never read any news, apart from Hacker News, and the vast majority of information that I come across is educating in one way or another.

@jackbaty Interesting. I like to see internet, and the ever-more flowing current of information as a way to help you improve your thinking, given that the actual thinking is still done by you - you are the one who separates information into different groups, who applies the information based on your own formed sense of logic, understanding and also emotion.

Good ol' Monday. Every server we have at work is down yet again.

Update 3 of MDash is now out! Highlights include:

- It's now officially a Progressive Web App, so go on and add it to your homescreen
- Prettier than ever

More: mdash.app/blog/update-3

So I just finished the story mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and apparently the story will continue into the next game. HELL YEA

@bvdbasch To be fair I have been complaining about the inability to design things with Windows Auto Brightness feature which can not be turned off, and lowers your brightness based on the currently open application's dominant color, which is retarded as fuck.

So I guess I finally got what I was complaining about.

So, after the last Windows update, I can no longer lower my screen brightness from 100%. Not sure if feature or bug.

@TheEnbyperor I am one of the light IDE theme users I do admit.

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