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Immediately after moving from ClearDB to Google Cloud SQL, I don't have a single connection failure. Bonus: Google Cloud SQL had a 1 click failover database creation, so I made that, too.

Damn, Microsoft Azure gives 170 eur of credit for free. I'm going to try them as a database provider because ClearDB is just not working to my satisfaction.

MDash Update 1 has successfully deployed, here's what's new:

Update 1: 14 files changed, 831 insertions(+), 241 deletions(-). Here we go.

SQLKorma ( seems like the way to go when doing database things in Clojure. Giving it a go.

I seriously need to re-architect how I do database calls in MDash, it just isn't concice at all.

Here's all you need to know about Spanish:

Chicken: Pollo
Pollo is a masculine word, but chicken is a female...

I'm not a mastermind brand identity maker, but for MDash I came up with this thing. Which, given the name is derived from the Emdash character, I actually like.

That said, I'm using it for my notes - which gives me a lot of motivation to make it better.

I present to you, MDash, a note-taking service I'm building:

Beware the design is a horrendous clunky piece of garbage and, while you can already take notes, it's nothing more than a simple textarea for a writing experience. So, probably no point in using it just yet.

So got everything working late last night, will release it soon ⚠️

It's because it can't connect to the production database. That's a problem for another day.

Welp, first deploy of my pet project went to shit as expected. May the debugging begin.

Today I found out that Boy George, the guy who made the unforgettable Karma Chameleon song, still does music.

I have a pretty exciting pet project to work on, but Far Cry 5 is a hell of a game.

It's ridiculous how fast you can build things in Clojure.

Alright alright alright.. MySQL connection with my Clojure pet project is working! And yes, it's my first Clojure project with a database behind it given at work I do ClojureScript and my blog is running on a static file based engine.

Looking at ultra wide monitors and holy shit are they expensive or what

Bunch of people being angry because employers are trying to find passionate people:

I'm sorry if I offend you, but being angry because you are a punch-in and punch-out type of a person instead of someone who actually likes their job is retarded as fuck.

Today I'm going to learn about PostgreSQL with Clojure. Of course, I will blog about my findings.

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